Cut to the Cheese

Coco Lounge

It’s the season of catchups and Coco Lounge was one of the many places where I had the pleasure of meeting a high school friend for brunch. When we arrived, the seemingly small cafe was already bustling with people. The service was cheerful despite how packed it was. The place was bright and well lit by natural lighting. It was such a pleasant place to sit and talk.  There aren’t that many pictures because we were so engrossed in conversation.

Eggs Begs ($15.90)

So after perusing the relatively short breakfast menu we decided a savoury and a sweet main to share. Honestly I probably could have eaten both dishes by myself. Then again I do love breakfast foods a lot.

The Eggs Begs was a recommendation by my friend and I can definitely see why. The avocado salsa was amazing despite not tasting how I thought a “salsa” would. It was more like a delicately seasoned smashed avocado. The eggs were perfectly runny as you cut into it, coating the lightly grilled bacon. The hollandaise sauce was divine, creamy but not over powering. The whole wheat toast was sliced thickly allowing maximum soaking by the toppings and did not get too soggy. The dish initially looks like a small portion but it definitely filled me up quite easily.

French Toast ($14.50)

In comparison I was a little less excited to see the simple looking French Toast. It was a good dish, as far as french toasts go. But I wouldn’t say it was anything special. The strawberry compote was sour and did contrast nicely with the sweet toast. But probably a little too much for most people. The cooked strawberries were not overly mushy but I actually enjoyed the raw fruit better. The brioche toast was a little too thick and it seemed quite dry as there wasn’t a lot of sauce to go with it.

Since my visit, I have been so excited to go back and try their other dishes. I’m sure they’ll be just as delicious.

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