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Marion’s Kitchen – Thai Red Curry

As much as I like eating out, there are times when I just want a quick easy meal that I can easily do with my noob cooking skills. It was one of those times where we couldn’t think of what to make and I was getting pretty grungy (grouchy +hungry). My friend bought this Marion’s Kitchen Thai Red Curry kit from Woolies for $7.69. I was a little skeptical about how well it was going to work. Shouldn’t these sauces be in a jar of some sort?

Once opened, I realised just how many packets were inside. How cute are the instructions? The steps seemed to want to mimic a “make a curry from scratch” sort of idea.

The steps were pretty easy to follow. It definitely is a product that would be great for beginner cooks.

To be honest I had no idea how to make a curry. I’d probably get a premade curry paste and simply mix it in with my raw ingredients. So the experience of frying the paste, then adding the coconut milk and simmering herbs was actually really interesting.

The final product? Well I was not expecting much from this. It was a decent meal in the end but the flavours just were not very “full”. It’s not that it was bland, rather just not very interesting. It probably could have done with a little more simmering to really bring the flavours together.


Overall I think it is a great little kit that comes in a handy little box. It would come in handy when you don’t have much time on your hands and a great way to incorporate from fresh veggies into your meal. Would I buy this again? Probably not. This doesn’t quite satisfy my curry cravings and just makes me want to go out to buy one. Though I am keen to try the other boxes in the line to see if they’re any better.

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