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The Lab Nitrogen Gelato

Nitrogen ice-creamerys are all the rage right now and rightfully so. The smokey process is so much fun to watch and the results so smooth in the mouth. My favourite thing about it is the creativity that goes into the flavours because I absolutely love non-conventional dishes. The Lab is the first of its kind to open in the Melbourne CBD and is continuously being compared to the better established N2.

I liked their commitment to the science lab theme, with their conical flasks full of ice-cream mixtures. Honestly it did not seem that hard to do. The menu is not that extensive and the flavours seemed relatively ‘mainstream’. The individual servings are $6 a pop and the portion can easily be shared between two.

I ended up with the ‘salted caramel popcorn’. This was a great flavour and my favourite part was the top layer with the actual popcorn. The crispy popcorn worked well with the smooth caramel ice-cream. But I found that despite it being creamy, I did tire of the ice-cream quite quickly.

My other friends got the ‘milky chocolate with homemade brownies’ flavour which I did try a little of. It was nothing special.

As interesting as the liquid nitrogen show is, The Lab felt like a high school chemistry class compared to its much more adventurous hipster cousin N2. It will have to be a very interesting flavour to tempt me back.

The Lab Nitrogen Gelato on Urbanspoon

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