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Night Noodle Markets

The Night Noodle Markets was another Good Food Month event that ran between November 18-30 down at Alexandra gardens. To welcome the start of uni holidays, I headed down on the very first night of the event with some friends. We planned on plentiful food and relaxation time by the Yarra.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous and it was pretty busy when we arrived around 6pm. But it was nothing compared to some time after we got our food. It was mayhem with crazy long lines and simply no room to sit. We even got calls from friends saying that they could not gain entry into the event as the security told them that the venue was already at full capacity.

Honestly I wasn’t that excited when I got there, mainly because I am Asian. Seeing such long lines for small portions of dishes that I eat every week did not seem appealing. So I tried to scout out some fun dishes to try (I think I was still on my TOM high so it was pretty hard to impress).

Izakaya Den – Nama udon noodles with Wagyu beef

Japanese food has to be one of my favourite cuisines and I have yet to try Izakaya Den despite hearing how great it is. The udon noodles weren’t as great as I was expecting. These handmade noodles had such a good chewy texture and the soup very tasty but the beef wasn’t spectacular .

Izakaya Den – Hihou dog

The most let down dish of them all was the Hihou Dog. My friend got this because so many people were ordering it. It ended up tasting like a normal hot dog with Japanese sauces. Not cool.

Paperboy Kitchen – Grilled miso salmon noodle salad

Paperboy Kitchen is not a place I would have originally thought of trying. Especially after seeing miso salmon on the menu, I was a little wary of the authenticity of the dish. Salmon is definitely not a common fish in Vietnamese cooking so I was curious to see how it paired with my favourite “bun” noodles. The marinated fillet was delicious but the undercooked cold rice noodles was a huge let down.

Longrain – Grilled chicken, rice noodles, coriander, yellow bean

Honestly I don’t remember this chicken dish. I’m not even sure if it was the one from Longrain. Oh dear…

I did not end up trying any food from the food trucks because they were mostly Vietnamese ones and I wasn’t prepared to be disappointed.

Overall I may not have been overly impressed by the food offerings but the dishes are definitely a step higher than at other markets. It was still a fun outing with friends and it’s nice to eat dinner while sitting on the banks of the Yarra river. Such food events are a very Melbourne thing to have and great for the start of summer.

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