Cut to the Cheese

Meatball & Wine Bar

I’m not a huge fan of minced meat and meatballs, so my friend was hoping that a place specialising in just this would change my mind. We were seated outside as there was no room elsewhere, but this was fine because it was a pleasant mild night. Plus Flinders Lane is a great place to sit and observe Melbourne’s quiet bustle. We were told the daily specials and how we could order our meatballs.

Salmon sliders ($18)

These salmon sliders were amazing. The plentiful salmon was juicy and very fresh, definitely some of the best I have had. The bun was  a little dry but the bocconcini (?) cheese added a delicious smoothness to it. I wish there was some more of the sauce in it too because it was  a little bland. Unfortunately they were a daily special so not a permanent part of the menu.

Lamb balls on risoni pasta ($21)

Another daily special we had were the lamb meatballs on risoni pasta. These were very juicy, unexpectedly so. But I found the accompanying sides to be very underwhelming. The pasta was bland (I know it’s not meant to have that much flavour) and the drunken raisins a little random.

Beef balls on Italian beans ($18) – Left

The beef balls were smoother than the lamb (which were more crumbly when sliced through) and also very delicious. We ordered them on Italian beans, not realising that they were not the kind that we had in mind. Still quite tasty and fresh. There were subtle hints of celery and a zest that made it a good side to the meat.

Chocolate hazelnut ice-cream with chocolate cookies whoopie mac ($11.50)

My favourite part of the night was dessert. We ordered some ice-cream whoopie macs and got to choose what we wanted to put in them. The chocolate hazelnut ice-cream was not very nutty but the cookie was a good firm texture to be able to hold the entire thing together. Personally I don’t like chocolate-flavoured things so I did not eat much of this. The pistachio one on the other hand I devoured it within minutes. The cookie is a solid meringue (no chewiness) which added a delicious crunch when eaten with the complimentary ice-cream. I found the concentrated fig parts a little sweet, almost like preserved fruits. Overall it was not very pistachio-y but still delicious.

Pistachio and fig icecream with pistachio meringe whoopie mac ($11.50)

The service was very accommodating, even though we did get forgotten at one point when larger groups came through. I’m not sure if I would come back here. I can definitely tell that the ingredients they used were some of the best. The quality of the mains was amazing but still not enough to convert me.
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